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Xeno Guest

Xeno Guest Character

This is your chance to commission a persona of your very own Xeno. Unlike a regular OC commission, there is a chance that your character will be featured as an extra in the Xeno webcomic. It will not have any dialogue nor interact with the main cast but it will take up a bit of crowd space. This is a one-time cameo and to thank you for saving me the trouble of a new character design, you will get a discount off of my regular commission price. This rate earns you a full-body shot of your character with some light cel-shading (similar to what is used in Xeno) along with a neutral color background. For an additional fee, you may opt to have the original rough sketch mailed to you once the commission is complete.

To qualify for Create a Xeno, request a customized Xeno character commission. You will receive the $30 rate regardless of whether your character gets used as an extra.

*There is no guarantee that your character will be used. It is dependent on the scenes in the story, the appropriateness of the character and the amount of extras needed. If you really want to see your character used, you are welcome to send me an e-mail to remind me.

As always, please review the commission rules prior to requesting a commission.

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