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9 January 2017:

Greetings all! It has been a long time coming but I wanted to formally announce the hiatus of Xeno. My heart wasn't in it anymore and the quality was noticeably suffering. The injury that put me out of commission last year didn't help. Currently, my attention is focused on Unguarded: A Dragon Ball Z Fancomic. I hope you will consider checking it out. That's not to say that Xeno won't return in the future but rather, that I needed to take a break from it.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

23 February 2016:

Hey guys! Sorry, I won't be able to update the comic this week. I fell down the stairs on Monday (that's not a euphemism-- I really fell down the stairs). I'll live but sitting up to a position that allows me to be comfortable and effectively draw isn't going to happen [right now]. I fully expect to be fine to resume work next week. :)

UPDATE: I was a bit too optimistic about my road to recovery. I dislike that I've had to rush the last few updates in general; I dislike pushing out updates that are rushed even moreso  due to discomfort while creating the comics. While I'd like to say that I'll resume updates next week, it's too early to tell. Check back on Thursdays and I'll be back to it as soon as I'm able!

13 February 2016:

Broke the last deployment (Bad Tygry). Fixed it (Good Tygry)!

31 December 2015:

See you next year! :)

24 December 2015:

Mail form is up and running again :)

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