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Season One

Episode 1 Episode 1
A young Xeno on the run crosses paths with two field agents, also Xenos, on the hunt for an elusive monster.

Episode 2 Episode 2
While Tyger and Ethan are dispatched to retrieve two young drakes that have wandered into the city, new Seris agent Gecko learns the ropes.

Episode 3 Episode 3
When a young man reaches out to Seris for assistance with an unknown cryptid that's being worshipped by a clandestine cult, Tyger and Gecko are assigned to the investigation.

Chapter 1 Episode 4
Ethan works to pick up the pieces and Dr. Musa tries to make sense of the latest recruit. Meanwhile, Tyger and Gecko are off to Australia to deal with a Seris contact regarding oceanic sightings that rival even the legendary Submarine of South Africa.

Chapter 1 Episode 5
Tobias is off to Egypt with Ethan to show what he's made of. Gecko is given some challenging, new technology to complement her skills.

Chapter 1 Episode 6
While Tyger takes some personal time, Gecko heads to France with Tobias to find out more information regarding an aerial cryptid that is killing off residents of an isolated community. Part 1 of 2.

Chapter 1 Episode 7
Gecko is off to Chateau Corbeau to find some answers. Unaware of what lies ahead, Tobias is left to follow her trail on foot. Part 2 of 2.

Chapter 1 Episode 8
Gecko decides to enjoy a night out with Tyger. They bond while reflecting on their past circumstances but some of the patrons of their destination are not thrilled with finding Xenos in the establishment. Meanwhile, a new recruit joins the Seris team.

Chapter 1 Episode 9
Grey has found his way to the city and he's not happy that the Seris agents have cut off his food supply.

Chapter 1 Episode 10
After a costly mistake, Gecko is instructed to take some time away for some training with Dargelos. Tobias and Blink are assigned their first mission.

Chapter 1 Episode 11
Manu and Amaru reappear in the city. They've got a new look and new talents that they're eager to test. Their first targets are the Seris Xenos themselves!

Chapter 1 Episode 12
After isolated victims are discovered burned alive throughout the city, the Xenos start their own investigation to determine whether the victims were murdered, as the police suspect, or attacked by an unknown cryptid.
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