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If you want a custom picture of Tobias or a depiction of your own creation, this is the choice for you! Commissions range from rough pencil sketches to fully-rendered pieces with colored backgrounds.

General Information

Commissions may take several weeks to complete and because of this, I put all but the current project on a wait list. Before I offer you a spot on the wait list, I will give you a price quote, a copy of the terms of service and you may opt to accept or decline your spot. Once your commission is up, I will send you an invoice and after payment clears, I will begin work on your commission. I will send you an initial rough sketch: this is a point where I can easily make alterations and it also allows you to get a preview. I will then finish your commission.

I do all initial sketch work traditionally with a pencil. Beyond this stage, I work digitally in Photoshop.

If you need your commission by a certain date, please let me know when you make a request. I try to complete all commissions in a timely manner and will let you know up front if I do not anticipate being able have yours finished by your deadline.


The art displayed on this site should serve as an indicator of my talent (or lack thereof). If you request a commission from me, I assume you have familiarized yourself with my style and inferred what my capabilities are. I am better at some things than others; if I do not think I can adequately complete your request, I will decline it.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission.

Commissions Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are relevant to non-commercial projects and are subject to change without notice. Potential clients must read, understand, and agree to all the below terms before entering into an agreement with the artist.

Client rights can be negotiated for an additional fee. If the commissioned piece is intended to be used for commercial purposes, the artist must be notified at the time that the commission request is made. Commercial use of images is decided on a case-by-case basis and will result in an increased price. New terms must be decided upon before the artist will work on any commission for commercial use.

Commission Rules

Rule # 1: I will not do revisions on commissions. Once it’s complete, I cannot return to it or redo it. This is why I stress the importance of being as detailed as possible in your description. I will go back and make CORRECTIONS if I’ve messed up or forgotten something that was included in your original description. It’s not fair to me nor anyone else waiting for a commission so please reread and revise your description prior to sending it.

Rule #2: I include this rule for my own protection; most people don’t need to hear this. Do not commission me now and try to sue me over it later. You are purchasing the original artwork, not a copyright. I maintain all rights to the commissioned images, including rights to distribution (to create prints, merchandise, etc.). Any characters in the images are the intellectual property of their creators. You still own the rights to any original character you described to me but by drawing your character, there’s always a minor possibility that it may influence my future character designs. You are welcome to resize/crop the commissioned piece to create personal avatars, wallpapers, etc. for use in non-commercial digital formats.

Rule #3: I retain the right to display all commissioned work on my website and any share sites I frequent. If the commissioned work is time-sensitive, I can delay public display at the request of the client. Clients may not exhibit the commissioned work in any online/offline art gallery without my permission.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms.

Commission Guidelines
  1. I create original artwork based on your own characters or characters I’ve designed. If the character is an original creation, you will need to include the following information in an e-mail:

    • A. A detailed description of the character’s physical appearance, clothes, weapon(s), etc. I may ask for references if I’ve never heard of the objects in question. Most people already have an idea of what they want their online personas to look like. Height, weight, build, hair, unique physical attributes and costume details are all important. Vague pictures are helpful as well. The more information you can provide, the better. It’s all needed and appreciated.

    • B. What is the character doing in the illustration? What emotions is s/he expressing? Be as detailed as you like here and feel free to include a rough sketch (even if it involves stick figures) if you want something very specific.

  2. I typically don’t take commissions for other copyrighted characters as I often like to emulate the original artist’s style rather than interpret his/her character through my own. When possible, please support the original artist!
  3. If you want to commission me, please send an e-mail describing what you want. I do not require your mailing address unless you want a traditional art commission shipped to you.
Payment and Pricing I require all payment up front before I being working on a commission. No IOUs, art trades, etc.

All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars and payments are expected to be made as such. The client is responsible for sending the correct amount. I prefer to use Paypal services. If the client does not have Paypal, other means of payment can be arranged.

Displayed prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size and time needed for completion, of each individual piece.


If the client wishes to cancel his/her commission during the sketching stage, he/she will be refunded 50% of the payment made. No refunds will be issued beyond the sketching stage of a commission.

If I am unable to finish a commission, I will refund the client the full payment.

Final note:

If the commissions status changes from “open” to “closed” after I have put you on a wait list, DON’T PANIC. Everyone already guaranteed a spot will still get their commission. It simply means I am taking a hiatus once the current group is complete.
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