Xeno - Cel Shading
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This guide is written under the assumption that the reader has minimal Photoshop experience. This is really basic as far as coloring goes and I tried to word it in a way that's more easy-to-understand than technically correct. A lot of the guides artists offer tend to be very unfriendly towards those new to Photoshop (offering minimal explanation and sometimes overwhelming readers with deafult shortcuts). Hopefully someone out there finds something useful in this one:)

I didn't touch on brushes in this tutorial because I don't use custom brushes in Xeno. I typically use only stock brushes: one hard and one soft.

EDIT: This tutorial is now severely out of date as far as how I go about coloring digitally but since someone may still get some use out of it, I will leave it up. I would like to eventually post a more up-to-date walkthrough of my comic process.

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