Prologue Original run: 20 June 2016 through 28 June 2016.

Freeza fulfills his mother's prophecy, albeit with a paradoxical twist.

Chapter 1: Prodigy Original run: 30 June 2016 through 10 November 2016.

Gelid struggles to rein in a rambunctious prince. Cooler weighs his options. King Cold's suspicions are confirmed.

Chapter 2: Fledgling Original run: 14 November 2016 through 27 April 2017.

Freeza's parents fight for his future as the young prince is tasked with proving himself. A new breed of soldier arrives.

Chapter 3: Purpose Original run: 01 May 2017 through 02 November 2017.

The Queen reflects on happier times. Cold sets his plan into motion. Freeza encounters a Saiyan for the first time.

Chapter 4: Introductions Original run: 06 November 2017 through 24 May 2018

Cold moves forward with his new military intentions. Nova recalls her time as a newlywed. Freeza takes a chance.

Chapter 5: Rapport Original run: 28 May 2018 through 28 February 2019

The firstborn tries to learn his place. Cold makes his intentions clear. Freeza finds a friend.

Chapter 6: Stray Original run: 04 March 2019 through 29 August 2019.

Nova anticipates a house divided. Cooler makes his choice. Freeza struggles to maintain control.

Chapter 7: Motivation Original run: 02 September 2019 through 21 May 2020.

Tsukiryuu is found out. King Cold announces his intent to return. Freeza must master a new game.

Chapter 8: Forward Original run: 25 May 2020 through 18 March 2021.

Freeza's plan takes an unexpected turn after discovering a family secret. Cold finds a solution to his problem.

Chapter 9: Dissemble Original run: 20 March 2021 through 30 November 2021 (Currently uploading on Mondays and Thursdays)

Cooler prepares to unleash his new army. Freeza's talent for deception determines life or death.

Chapter 10: Emergence Original run: 02 December 2021 through 16 June 2022

Cooler and Cold continue to pursue their own goals. Freeza is distracted.

Chapter 11: Cultivate Original run: 20 June 2022 through 08 December 2022

The Saiyans agree to comply. As the to brothers continue their cold war, Cooler selects a squad leader and Freeza makes a confession.

Chapter 12: Clash Original run: 12 December 2022 through 29 May 2023

Kikono and Malaka continue to advance the army's technology. Ginyu forms a team. Freeza and Cooler fight to secure the title of Cold's successor.

Chapter 13: Ambition Original run: 31 May 2023 through 01 September 2023 (Currently complete on Patreon)

Two Kings make plans to secure the future of their legacies. Freeza formally takes control of Planet Vegeta and its Saiyan inhabitants.

Chapter 14: Return Original run: 04 September through 13 December 2023

Cooler, still unconscious, dreams of an early lesson from his father. Freeza concedes to a routine physical. A former ally makes a return.

Chapter 15: Discovery Original run: 15 December 2023 through 26 April 2024 (Currently complete on Patreon)

Ginyu offers some advice. Freeza makes a startling discovery.

Chapter 16: Delay (Currently complete on Patreon)

Freeza questions his father's reasoning. Nufi issues a warning. Cold shifts his focus.

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