16 January 2023
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About the Site

Lady Tygry Comics was created out of a need to consolidate my many webcomic projects. In its current iteration, it focuses exclusively on the Unguarded fancomic. I am still working on other projects but have since decided that Unguarded will be the last time I follow a serialized format that demands I create new pages as frequently as I update. I'll share updates as they become relevant for my other content. To answer the question I am most frequently asked, my screenname is pronounced IPA: /ˈtɪɡɹi/ (tih-Gree).

About the Author
I vividly remember drawing as a child, before I could even write, and drawing is something that I’ve always loved. That love has never left me and I think the reason it has remained so intact is that I’ve always been in a position where I’ve been able to draw as I please. I’ve written a lot of stories but I get more pleasure out of telling them through more visual means. During my formative years, it didn’t take me long to realize that I didn’t appreciate it when I wasn’t able to make my own rules-- when it came to art, that is. That attitude has been a blessing as well as a hindrance. Nonetheless, I work on projects about which I am passionate and I hope that in sharing these stories with you, you will find something to enjoy about them as well. Thank you for visiting and thank you for reading!

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