First Time Readers:

Unguarded is a Dragonball Z fan-created webcomic focusing on a fabricated backstory for the character of Freeza. It is produced purely for entertainment purposes. While a genuine effort is made to follow canon, some changes have been intentionally made for reasons ranging from creative preferences to narrative necessity. For more specific information regarding these choices, please check out the FAQ section.

The comic itself attempts to paint one of DBZ’s most noteworthy villains as a more rounded and dynamic character by exploring his story from his birth until well past the years of the actual series. While I had originally planned to end the story once it caught up to the canon, i.e., Planet Vegeta’s destruction, this made for an especially morose ending. I decided that perhaps it would be better to continue on as there was so much potential to explore than simply allowing his story to end in the way that the canon does. That said, this story is written with an intentional ending in mind.

I suspect that this interpretation will be hit/miss for my fellow Freeza/DBZ/DBS fans. Those who like the character and/or want to push past a moustache-twirling archetype will probably get the most out of it. On a more general note, those who enjoy longer narratives of the pairing-type variety are the target audience.

The comic, as it is being published here, is being “edited” so that it is appropriate for a larger age group—most DragonBall Z fans. I am still deciding how best to deliver the “adult version” but rest assured, those who are 18+ will eventually have access to the more mature content.

Finally, I should probably give fair warning that even though it may not be apparent for some time, this comic is going to get quite dark.
Dragonball Z© Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, and Bird Studio.
Characters created for Unguarded © 2022 by Lady Tygry Comics.